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Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez

[S1E15] Hypno! Part Deux!

Outside the bunker, Eggman and a portion of the hypnotized robot army have gathered, with Eggman ordering them to fire the minute Team Sonic exits; Team Cybonic exits instead, and the robots are easily destroyed as everyone makes their way outside. Hypnobot attempts to hypnotize the cyborgs, only for Cyborg Sonic to inform him that his power has no effect on them before he tells the others to make the robot a priority target; they have to destroy most of the robot army to get to him, however, but each member of Team Sonic, working together with their cyborg counterpart, accomplishes this task with ease (and Sticks even begins to like her cyborg double).

[S1E15] Hypno! Part Deux!



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