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Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57

Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57

Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57 is a popular and controversial download that allows users to watch the original 1979 movie of The Amityville Horror in French with English subtitles. The movie is based on the book by Jay Anson, which claims to be a true account of the Lutz family's experience in the haunted house.

The Amityville Horror Movie

The Amityville Horror is a horror film directed by Stuart Rosenberg and starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder, and Rod Steiger. It tells the story of George and Kathy Lutz, who move into a large house in Amityville, New York, with their three children. The house was the site of a gruesome murder of six members of the DeFeo family by their eldest son, Ronald DeFeo Jr., in 1974. The Lutzes soon begin to experience strange and terrifying phenomena, such as voices, cold spots, flies, bleeding walls, and visions of demonic pigs. They also discover that the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and that a satanic cult had performed rituals there. The Lutzes flee the house after 28 days, leaving behind their belongings and their sanity.


The Amityville Horror Book

The Amityville Horror is a book by Jay Anson, published in 1977. It is based on the interviews and tapes that Anson conducted with the Lutzes after they left the house. The book claims to be a factual account of their ordeal, and it became a bestseller and a cultural phenomenon. However, the book has been widely criticized and debunked by skeptics, journalists, investigators, and even some members of the Lutz family. They have pointed out numerous inconsistencies, contradictions, exaggerations, and fabrications in the book. They have also accused Anson and the Lutzes of exploiting the tragedy of the DeFeo family and creating a hoax for money and fame.

Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57

Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57 is a torrent file that can be downloaded from various websites such as [Kingsway Pilates] or [SoundCloud]. It contains the video file of The Amityville Horror movie in French with English subtitles. The torrent has been downloaded by thousands of users who are interested in watching the movie in a different language or who are curious about the legend of the haunted house. However, the torrent also poses some risks and challenges for the users. For instance, downloading torrents is illegal in many countries and can result in fines or legal actions. Moreover, torrents can contain viruses or malware that can harm the users' devices or data. Furthermore, some users have reported experiencing nightmares or paranormal phenomena after watching the torrent, which could be either psychological effects or supernatural influences.


Amityville La Maison Du Diable French Torrent 57 is a fascinating and controversial topic that explores the history, fiction, and mystery of The Amityville Horror. The torrent offers a unique way to watch the movie in French with English subtitles, but it also comes with some dangers and drawbacks. Users should be careful and cautious when downloading torrents and when dealing with the possible consequences of watching them.


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