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PWNED Tool Lets You Load Unsigned Firmware Onto IPhone !!TOP!!

if you are not jailbreaking, you can use a network location as the location and have prometheus save the toolchain there. if the location is not on a protected network, such as a router or a home wi-fi network, then you will need to give the full path to the toolchain. you will need to copy it to the system-wide location for your current version of ios before using it.

PWNED Tool Lets You Load Unsigned Firmware Onto iPhone

on a ios device that is not jailbroken and is in a locked state, the bootloader code can detect when it is booting into a new version of ios and can identify the kernel version it was running previously and compare against the new kernel version to determine if it supports the new version or not. if it does not support the new version, then it will refuse to boot and enter the locked state.

to be the best of our knowledge, at this point in time, a forced bootloader downgrade to an older version of ios 7 is not possible. the following video shows that a device will enter a state where the bootloader has a newer version of ios than the device will support.

it is possible to load unsigned firmware onto an iphone or ipad under ios 14.3 or ipados 14.4 using the aptly named machineman tool. the manufacturer of this tool has also made his disassembler available for free, and it can extract all files from the firmware image. after extracting the firmware, just follow these steps to install it.

1) download the firmware of your choice. the tool has a page for each firmware's download, and this will be different for every device. check the support page for which firmware you need to use your device with to ensure you are downloading the correct image.


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