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What is Instagram Pro and How to Make 60-Second Stories with It

Instagram Mod APK is a different and modified version of Instagram. It provides some other features with Instagram that are not present in the regular version. You can have a lot of new things to enjoy with this app such as downloading the pictures, videos and the status story of your favorite accounts.

This feature is favorite of the Instagram Mod APK users because you can easily see messages of the senders and never worry about responding them back. There is no need to think about texting back or worrying about the seen label on the messages because this app will help you see messages without the senders ever know about it. Hide story view You can also look at the stories of people and still hide your seen. With this feature you can see anyone's stories on Instagram but they won't know about it. They will be able to see all those people who have seen their stories except you. It is because your name will be hidden and they won't know ever if you watched their story or not. Stay hidden on live stream viewIf you are viewing anyone's live stream on Instagram by joining it, they won't know it. This amazing feature of Instagram Mod APK allows you to view the live streams and stay there as long as you want. The users will never be able to find out that you viewed and joined their live stream. FreeThe best feature is that all these features are accessible for free. You never have to worry about paying any charges if you want these brilliant features. The developers have provided this app to the users for free so they may have the best social experience. You are absolutely allowed to download this application for free and enjoy all the given features without giving additional charges after the download.

instagram pro 60 second story apk download

There are still a lot of features in Instagram like photo filters, live streaming, the newly released reel feature, and much more. But there are still a lot of lacking features in Instagram such as story downloader, other media files downloader, story hider, copy comments, and much more. So for providing you with all those features that the Instagram app needs to install, today we are here with a modified application named Instagram MOD APK. This modified Instagram is one of the most stable variants for enjoying the crack and MOD features of Instagram. Moreover, you will receive a lot of additional features that you will examine in this article.

Instagram MOD APK is a modified application of the Instagram official application which contains a variety of additional features that will blow your mind. It's the most trustworthy variant of Instagram among all other modified applications. Moreover, this modification of Instagram is created with a lot of additional permissions that you have to provide to this app like permission to store videos and audio downloading directly via Instagram. You will receive immense additional features with the Instagram MOD APK like downloading Instagram videos, story videos, copying the comments, view full profile pictures, and many more other features.

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Moreover, it enables users to download images in maximum quality resolution. Additionally, InstaPro provides users with tools for privacy such as hiding story views and ads. It also includes a web browser that allows users to access any link directly.

Many users are want to download own status or story with music but they are not able to do with official instagram. but in Instagram Pro 2 APK You can download your own status or story with music and share with your friends in another platforms. This is very best application so use this.

You can download any photo, video, story, or reel. And you can do all this without installing any third-party app. Because Insta Pro APK has a built-in feature for downloading all kinds of media. All you have to do is, click on three dots and you will find the download button there. Click on it, and your media will start downloading.

Instagram Stories, the feature that is essentially inspired by Snapchat and is designed to share what you're doing with your followers, has been updated with an ability to automatically segment clips. With the latest change, you can create clips multiple clips from the Instagram app that can be shared as a story longer than the 15-second limit. The new update comes months after Instagram announced the arrival of ads on Instagram Stories. There is also a Questions sticker that recently debuted to let Instagram users ask questions to their followers directly from a story.

To begin with the new feature and create long Instagram Stories longer, all you need to do is to tap the Your Story icon and then press and hold the record button from the bottom-centre for as long as you want to record a moment - without worrying about the 15-second limit. The app will automatically create segments of your story to let you share a creation of more than 15 seconds. You can then proceed with the segmented Instagram story by hitting the Next button. The segmented story can be shared with all your followers or to a dedicated group or with an individual Instagram user. It is worth noting here that while the fresh change allows you to share Instagram Stories longer than the original limit, each of the segments the app creates is still 15 seconds long. Instagram also adds a subtle transition effect between the segments.

Not many people know this, but you can save Reels without posting on Instagram Stories. However, the feature comes with a caveat. Instagram will save only fifteen seconds of the Reel. Want to download Instagram Stories? Check out our detailed guide.

As of January 7, 2023, the most followed person is Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 530 million followers.[471] As of January 7, 2023, the most-liked photo on Instagram is a carousel of photos from footballer Lionel Messi celebrating winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, The post has over 74 million likes.[472]Instagram was the second most downloaded mobile app of the 2022.[citation needed]

We all know that Instagram stories are really easy to add. These stories are videos of about 60 seconds maximum. When we upload an Instagram story, anyone can see this. But IGTV videos are different. IGTV or Instagram video is an app that allows a user to add videos of their liking, however long it is, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. You can add videos directly from a YouTube video or your phone's gallery.

IGTV allows a user to add videos of 15 to 60 minutes on their Instagram story. Whereas, Instagram stories only allow a user to add videos of 60 seconds maximum! Make sure you are aware of the requirements of IGTV before you edit your video to make your video editing highly efficient.

You can put your IGTV video in your story. However, this will be a preview of the whole video and can be up to 15 seconds long. We have already shared the complete steps to share the IGTV video on your story, so you can easily follow the steps. You can share your own IGTV video or someone else's.

Yes, you can share someone else's IGTV video on your story or feed. It will be a preview, so you cannot share the whole video. In your story, it can be up to 15 seconds. When you share on your feed, it can be up to one minute long. Keep in mind that you can share someone else's video using the sharing option on Instagram. It is not appropriate to download the video and upload it on your own. If you upload like this, it will be content piracy.

The Meta-owned social media is slowly blurring lines between Reels and other formats on the platform. For instance, video posts now get uploaded as Reels. The company recently increased the Reels' length from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. With that, the app developers are also testing a new Story layout. The new feature will hide excessive posts. Currently, users can post up to 100 stories. With the update, the story sharing count will be the same, but users will see a "Show All" button to see the rest of the Stories.

Lifting a deck off the ground can also increase costs. Second-story decks are generally more expensive to install than very similar first-story decks. Consider that building a six-by-six foot deck on the first story typically costs on average $7,700 to $15,400. Installing the same deck on the second story may run you $9,700 to $20,500.

Besides these major robust features, it also offers some short or mini but really useful features like copying the text of any bio, enabling/disabling the double tap to like, downloading your own story with music without making it public, copying comments, and more. All in all, it is like the ultimate version of Instagram that has all the features one can dream of.

The prime benefit of using Insta Pro 2 is its ability to revoke all the restrictions placed by Instagram. Like you can increase Story upload time to 60 seconds, Share high-quality photos without compression, Download your own story with music prior to making it public, Media can be instantly downloaded, etc.

In original instagram users can not save anything they want. They can only save anything with third-party applications only. But in Instagram pro Apk you can save anything very easily. You can save everything you want into your gallery by just clicking on the three-dot menu icon and you just need to select the download option.

Users of Instagram pro Apk can increase their story limit up to 60 seconds. This is osm because in regular instagram we can only post stories of just 30 seconds. This is fantastic because with the help of Instagram Pro App you can add more time and convey more news. This is a very cool feature of Instagram Pro Download Apk.


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