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Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins

Download Anime Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening - The Movie that Shocks the Fans

Nanaba and Gelgar catch their breath on the tower as Lynne heads to the top to check on the recruits, but a sudden whooshing sound catches their attention. Suddenly, an impact hits the stables, leaving all the horses dead. A second sound is heard soon after, and a boulder strikes the top of Utgard Castle, killing Lynne and Henning instantly. The recruits join Nanaba and Gelgar at the top of the tower, and Conny realizes the Beast Titan is responsible for their deaths. As he looks down from the tower, he spots dozens more Titans approaching. Nanaba observes that the attack seems much too strategic for a normal Titan assault, and that someone has been toying with them from the start. From atop Wall Rose, the Beast Titan roars at Utgard Castle before descending the other side of the Wall.

download anime attack on titan the roar of awakening



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