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Save Your Nuts по сети

I'm so sick of you idiots who think Humans are some kind of disease or plague. First off, how does one group of Humans evil act committed against another group of Humans constitute the entire species being a 'parasite'? Second, Humans are not the only species that has slavery, but I suppose you believe that Ants are parasites too, or Chimpanzees, how about Dolphins? All three have been known to enslave members of other groups or commit worse evil upon them, for instance, Chimps are known for their cannibalism. No, Humans aren't a 'parasite', we're a species of animal, just like every other species of animal that has ever existed, carrying out our most basic evolutionary drives; to reproduce, expand, thrive and dominate. We're apex predators, nothing more. Keep your silly little Human apologist ideas to yourself and off of a comment thread of a totally unrelated article.

Save Your Nuts по сети

But alas for you, you have not proved different you actually simply do not know anything about the derivation of ethics which forms human societies of which whether you wish to admit it or not your are a member.

Your comment is so ill-informed. If you work in a cubile, you are payed and are free to leave whenever you wish. If you are a slave, you are kept against your will and often abused. You have a lot of gull to compare working in the corporate world to slavery. It is exactly your type of thinking that perpetuates the feeling of apathy that overwhelmes this country and keeps others in slavery. I can only imagine what your arguments would have been around 1860 on why slaves in America should not be freed.

wow... sounds like ineeda is another bitter kid mad at the world.. there are far more good people on this planet.. you just fail to see it because you probably can't handle your own simple problems.. mega negative human being.. probably some poser hipster pissed at anything main stream

Hey, shut up. Why don't you say something intellectually stimulating about the article instead of criticizing someones opinion. Everybody has a right to their own opinon. That is why it is an opinion and not a fact. And even then what do us humans know about anything, we are all ignorant fools. So, what is your opinion on the matter?

I can remember not too long ago when such things would not be allowed, the US had safeguards ad standards but that has all but vanished, it is no all about cut throat take the money and run at any cost sales in the US, everything we stood for regarding tollerance, right and wrong have vaporized and it is all about the all mighty buck and nothing else.We have a President that smiles in your face and stabs you in the back with promises and lies all at the same time, this is the world the US has become.

So Ineeda are we to assume that you are INhuman or NON human? Or are you just making a statement about yourself when you say that humans are parasites? It would be hypocritical of you living as a human and enjoying whatever comforts and joys that human life provides(including using this technology made by human hands and labor) to criticize the very womb (human society) that sustains you. Yes there is ignorance and acts of evil being committed but you could use your human body, intelligence and will to do something about it rather than being a couch potato critic.

Learn your political systems mobrule. I live in a socialist country and we were barely impacted by the global downturn. We actually prospered. We have very strict controls on our banking system so they didn't take ridiculous risks. Corporations still have too much control here in my opinion. So I guess you have no problem with GE not paying any taxes.

Considering your opinion of humanity, one would think that you'd be first in line to do something to correct the existence of humans on earth...? Either remove yourself from existence or just STFU...put your money where your mouth is, as it were.

Ineeda, I agree with you that humans are parasites and have no right to exist. We need leadership and i was wondering if you would like to take the lead and set an example by exterminating yourself first?

I'd say that a bit of a harsh opinion, but I've grown to not be surprised by some of the moronic things some peolpe will say just toget a rise out of someone. How about giving us a jumpstart and killing yourself first INEEDA!!!!

@ hiloNo, the men that you listed are not communists. Some may argue socialists. But to suggest in your comment that those who do not agree with your views should be forced by law to bend to your world view is most definitely communist.

bj, Well then, by your own reasoning, Hawaii must be in a communist country....we are now forced by law to limit our ahi catch. I happen to agree with it, as much as I miss eating it, or the world will soon be doing w/out Forever. A law enforcing others to abide as well (banning imported) is not communism.

So true, as important as stories like this are, I wonder if they don't do more harm than good by perpetuate xenophobia of 'those barbaric people' (take your pick) -while feeding our own denial -'well at least we're not like that.'

OH REALLY CHRIST!!!! slaves are an every day occurrence for modern society... I'm a slave at work every single day ... just cause someone gets paid less than you do you consider them a slave.. we all need to work so SHUT the hell up .. do you consider the guy who works at mcdonalds flipping your 2.95 burger a slave.. i doubt it, he lives in america and we have the better life.. HAHHAH well guess what you don't you condone this kind of forced labour to feed your need for the POSH life... YET another Quality CNN article ... thx CNN for your once again NARROW minded view about society..

No, the men that you listed are not communists. Some may argue socialists. But to suggest in your comment that those who do not agree with your views should be forced by law to bend to your world view is most definitely communist.

Dear underpaid to free labor worker, who worked overtime so I can eat, THANK YOU. If it's any consolation, most of the well-off folks whom I work for day & night hardly tell me Thank You. Sure I get paid, but the money hardly sits in my account. So I'm not sure which is worse: not having money at all, or having money & watching it been taking from you (So Pick your poison wisely).

cnn shut your mouths, stop instigating countries, we as americans are slaves you dont even bother to report to us correctly, non the less report we are slaves, cnn you are pathetic and i hope the cnn studio is the first to go in a few months

Most of you people are selfish and out of touch with anything further than you can see. I spent 12 years in two branches of the military and I am glad that I got to leave our great country. Most of you have no idea of how good you have it in America. I see some of you complaining about credit cards, bills, and working in cubicles for jobs that pay over the poverty level, that also have benefits like health care and retirements yet you still have the Eurocentric nerve to compare yourselves to people that get their throats cut and thrown overboard for getting sick after working 20 hours a day for multiple years as they sleep in the belly of a ship and catch fish all day for free just so you can have a $5.99 Long John Silvers meal. This type of attitude of recklessness and lack of compassion for other human beings is the reason why the rest of the world hates most of us.

Man have you ever bought any of the fish imported from Asia, tastes like stale freezer burn. We can't save the world, or stop their turmoil, but we can start to look at where America is going. If we keep letting the rich and corporations keep brainwashing us to get rid of unions and dismantle our infrastructure, we will be in the same boat, pardon the pun, pass the tarter sauce.

Every case of slavery varies from the next. Let us stop generalizing the whole issue. In addition, to those of us who think that slavery is normal, please save up and visit asia and africa and see for yourself. Your point of view is ignorant and un-informed. Slavery is real. Let us be aware that it also comes in many forms. Here is why:

While we might be 'slaves' in some symbolic sense...we certainly aren't being beaten if we don't work 20 hours a day or murdered if we can't keep up..let alone being held against our will. I think your post does a huge disservice to those who are truly slaves.

To me slavery is the definition of no free will to fulfill one's human desires...notice I said HUMAN desires. As a human animal, we are driven not only by basic instincts of reproduction, domination and survival but also by spiritual desires. Therein lies the conundrum of being human; we cannot be defined completely by one nor by the other. However, that being said, we do have CHOICE and choice is about self awareness that there is more than one solution to any given challenge or problem in life. Many on this sight have bought the whole notion, lock stock and barrel, that humans cannot rise above their base desires of war, domination, etc. but I challenge those here saying that you have been mislead by your religions for thousands of years. In the past few hundred years world religions have been politicized for even greater control of the masses. We have been brainwashed to think that mankind is only war like and aggressive and that we're in capable of peace. That is a bald lie. The only reason we haven't know peace for any length of time in humanity isn't because that's our basic nature, but because we have been manipulated either by religion or by economics to forego those very human qualities that help us rise above our basic drives. In the end, it is a choice of who we are and what we do but in order to see that , we need to recognize the very detrimental role that religions have played in the control, manipulation, and suppression of humans and societies around the world. That has nothing to do with our spiritual freedom, which is in direct conflict with the goals of most religious movements. 041b061a72


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